News Headlines:

2014 09 30, Tuesday

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WILDLIFE: The world has lost half its wildlife over the last 40 years
SHELLFISH: AUSTRALIA: Pilot project aims to save Port Phillip Bay's shellfish
JAPAN: vows to keep on whaling, calls resolution against its hunt ‘regrettable’
INDIA: PM Narendra Modi looks to woo US investors
THAILAND: Fertiliser bags on Rayong beach cause concern
AIRBUS: is developing the world’s first supersonic private jet
RUSSIA: feels the sanctions squeeze: From the falling ruble to a widening search for cash to prop up state companies
UK: Dave Lee Travis "mortified" over his conviction: "I've proved I am not a sexual predator"
IRS mistakenly paid out billions to identity thieves
ALGERIA: Frenchman 'beheaded by IS-linked group in Algeria'
MEXICO: agrees to investigate mass killing by army
BAHRAIN: court upholds five-year jail terms for activists
GUINEA: Ebola health team killed while trying to warn locals about deadly virus.
KASHMIR: Infrastructure damage in Kashmir floods could touch Rs 6,000 crore
GERMANY: Injuries after explosion at chemical plant
NIGERIA: Boko Haram: Catholic Bishop of Maiduguri claims killings is part of agenda to islamize Nigeria
Why is the Media giving Apple so much free advertising on their iPhone and Smartwatches? This is overkill.  
IRAN: covert military buildup and operations
TURKEY lifts headscarf ban in state high schools
MOROCCO: Private Schools to be Equipped with Tablets
UK: Top GCSE grades to be given to just 3%
USA: The new ranking of the 10 best universities by U.S. News
AFGHANISTAN: Jalalabad: 10 Teachers and students were wounded when a rocket landed in a school  
EGYPT: Health Ministry reports fourth case of bird flu
GREECE: Police in Greece investigating reports cancer patient was buried alive by accident
UK: Labour to set out plan to 'save' NHS
EBOLA: US Sending 3,000 Troops To West Africa
CZECH: Ashya King starts proton beam therapy to help him beat brain cancer
INDIA: dying printing tradition
CAMBODIA: How lasers revealed a lost Cambodian jungle city
UK Remains of King Richard III suggest he died under a hail of blows
EGYPT: Wake for Egyptian actor Khaled Saleh to be held on Sunday
EGYPT: Egyptian beauties get ready for Miss Egypt 2014 competition
UAE: Two British expats create Pearl FM, the region’s first radio station designed for children
JUDE LAW: Wants World To Unite For Peace
DAVID BOWIE: exhibition lands in Chicago for only US visit
CHINA: Film Festival launches with screening of quake film
WAR GAMES: US, UK forces to launch fresh war games in Baltics
QATAR: arming Islamist extremists
UKRAINE: 2 missiles hit Donetsk munitions factory, clouds of smoke rising
TURKEY: 49 Turks kidnapped by IS militants freed
IRAQ: Iraqi neighbourhood holds out against jihadists
ISLAMIC STATE: ISIS’s top 20 leaders unveiled
J-LO: In Hit And Run With 'Drunk Driver'
TAKE THAT: Jason Orange quits Take That: Updates and reaction as 44-year-old leaves band
JOSE ANDRE MONTANHO: 9 year old is Jazz prodigy
LADY GAGA: says she'll adhere to the more conservative dress code on her Middle East tour
UAE tops world full-time jobs league
SYRIA: 'Over 60,000' Syrian refugees flee into Turkey in 24 hours
SYRIA: Forced to work long hours to support their families in Turkey, young Syrian refugees feel robbed of their childhood
INDIA: The man who helped chart the Delhi Metro route
EGYPT: Parliamentary elections by end of year:
PALESTINE: Abbas to submit timetable for Palestinian state  
UK: #CONSERVATIVES: Tories gather after double setback
UK: Conservatives UKIP: MP Mark Reckless defects to Ukip
UK lawmakers vote in favour of joining airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.
RUSSIA: Japan imposes new sanctions against Russia
PAYPAL: to Separate From eBay in 2015
HYUNDI KIA:: Wheels got a chance to test the Hyundai i20 and Kia Sorento.
UK; PHONES 4U: goes back on its promise to refund customers that preordered the iPhone 6
APPLE: withdrawn an iOS8 update which appeared to cause more problems than it solved
BLACKBERRY: launches ‘Passport’ device
MUSLIMS: in Europe denounce ISIL extremism
MUSLIMS: ‘Not in my name’: French Muslims rally to denounce ISIS beheadings
ISLAM: Is the burqa or hijab a symbol of women's oppression or assertion of religious or cultural identity?
UK: Archbishop of Canterbury calls for prayers after 'evil killing'
VATICAN: World's many conflicts amount to piecemeal Third World War
IAN PAISLEY: Northern Ireland Politician dies at 88
DONALD SINDEN: Actor dies at 90  
CYCLING: Giovanni Pinarello dies aged 92
JOAN RIVERS pioneering entertainer and comedian, dies aged 81
MARS: What is that curious object on Mars?
TELEPORTATION: Scientists make quantum leap, teleport data farther than ever
LIQUID METAL: Scientists could be on the way to reproducing scenes from Terminator 2, after working out how to control liquid metal
INDIA: Indian Space-Race Boost As Satellite Orbits Mars
MARS: After a 10-month journey, a NASA spacecraft is expected to enter into orbit
LASERS: Giant laser observatory makes progress
SCIENCE: Rather than study the sun by looking NASA scientists are listening to it
FOOTBALL: UK: Virgin Media asks Ofcom to investigate Premier League TV costs
TENNIS: Novak Djokovic is into round two of the China Open after a win over Guillermo Garcia-Lopez
MUAY THAI:  BOXING: High kicks, big profits
ICE HOCKEY  Goalie rule change could benefit Blackhawks
FOOTBALL: Manchester United virals: internet responds to calamitous performance
UK: TUESDAY: Fog Causing Flight Delays At London Airports
JAPAN: Country's first ever roundabouts send baffled drivers round the bend
ICELAND: Bardarbunga! Volcanic eruption is no party in Iceland, prompts Code Red aviation alert
HONG KONG: protests grow ahead of public holiday
CHINA: Mainland China media condemn Hong Kong protests
UKRAINE: Protesters topple Lenin monument in Kharkiv
OCCUPY: Thousands 'Occupy' Hong Kong In China Protest
JAPAN: Volcano: Over 30 Hikers Believed Dead
JAPAN: Ontake volcano erupts, several injured, airplanes diverting flying routes
KASHMIR: Incredible pics of rain-hit Kashmir where 'worst flooding in 50 years' 120 dead