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2014 12 20, Saturday

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PANDAS: Panda cubs REALLY don't want their zoo keeper to leave
TIGERS: Sumatran tiger Amir is in recovery after a visit to the dentist
ELEPHANTS: Naughty elephant left out in the rain as rest of the herd shelter under a tree
CATS: More than 800 moggies compete for a top feline prize at the Supreme Cat Show 
BLACKBERRY Stems Loses To Just Over $1m A Day
UK: MOBILE PHONES: EE, O2, Three and Vodafone agree to guarantee phone coverage to 90% of the UK
ALIBABA founder Jack Ma biggest billionaire gainer of 2014’
UK BANKS: 'Armageddon' Test Hits Co-op, Lloyds And RBS
BT is in talks to buy the EE network as it looks to re-enter the mobile phone market.
RUSSIA: Ruble sinks to new lows despite rate hike
AUSTRALIA: Eight children have been found stabbed to death at a house in Cairns
AUSTRALIA: Four men who flew to Perth to torture drug dealer, jailed for lengthy terms
PHILIPPINES: Prison sex, drugs and bribery scandal shocks
RUSSIA HRW slams Russia for spiralling homophobic attacks
AUSTRALIA: eyewitnesses near Sydney siege
TORTURE: Those who approved torture shouldn't be above law
UK: Crimes against elderly 'need action'
PAKISTAN: Three days of mourning begins for children and staff killed in Pakistan school massacre
INDIA: Gas tanker explodes near Jaipur; 10 burnt alive
INDONESIA: 20 dead, 88 missing in Indonesian landslide
NEPAL: 17 killed, 50 injured in bus crash
EGYPT: 11 dead in Cairo building collapse
BOSNIA is still Europe's black-hole of corruption:
NORWAY: What can Norway teach other oil-rich countries?
USA: America’s hypocrisy at not selling Nigeria arms
CLIMATE CHANGE: Fossil fuel promises 'being broken'
PAKISTAN: Death toll climbs in attack on Pakistan school.
UK  Election Spin: David Cameron pledges more maths and science teachers in £67m scheme
AFGHANISTAN: The brave schoolgirls hoping for a better future for Afghan women
SCOTLAND: Banned canister of expanding foam used in a student project blamed for Glasgow Art School fire
UAE: 89% lung cancer cases detected late in Abu Dhabi
UK SELF HARMING: Number of young boys admitted to A&E for self-harming is at a five-year high.
UK NHS 'In Crisis' As A&E Waiting Times Soar
UK: Half Of Women Take Prescription Medicines
EBOLA ‘still spreading’ in Sierra Leone
EGYPT: Around 4,000 Egyptians carries HIV 
UK: George III drawing is uncovered
EGYPT: Cemetery with 1 million mummies unearthed in Egypt
EGYPT: After it was toppled some 3,000 years ago, a massive ancient statue in Egypt has risen again
APPLE: Original Apple computer sells for US$365,000 at New York auction
GREECE protests Elgin Marbles sculpture loan to Russia
SONY: cancels parody film as North Korea suspected over hacking
SIBERIA: Independent Siberian TV channel faces shutdown
HUNGARY: Can critical investigative journalism survive
UKRAINE: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty: ‘Day Of Silence’ truce
JAMES BOND: New James Bond film to be titled Spectre
INDEPENDENCE DAY: The Independence Day sequel will begin filming next year
SYRIA: Al Qaeda seizes scores of Syrian army tanks
ISLAMIC STATE: ISIS threatens to execute Lebanon soldiers held hostage
IRAN to hold major naval drills at end of December
UK: Women could be allowed to serve in British infantry units for first time by 2016
PAKISTAN: 32 Taliban militants killed moving toward Afghan border
NIGERIA: Troops Sentenced To Death For Cowardice
BOBBY SHMURDA: Rapper arrested in connection with series of gang-related shootings and drug trafficking in NY 
GRAMMYS: Grammy Awards 2015: Full nominations list
FREDWRECK: LA’s arab music producer to the stars
U2 to return to road four years after record tour
CYBER MONDAY SALE: Rare 7'' vinyl, fully restored, from KRTpro Music
ACDC may dump drummer Rudd
JIMMY RUFFIN: Motown singer dies at age 78
UAE: ‘Taxi drought’ hits Abu Dhabi
UK: 3,000 migrants a month caught attempting to enter UK
JAMIE GILROY: WICKERMAN FESTIVAL: Co-founder of the in a critical condition in hospital after being found badly injured at his farm
PAKISTAN Meet Dawood, the only Grade 9 survivor of the Peshawar Attack
INDIA: 'No whistling, no staring' - Delhi drivers attend lessons in respecting women
UAE: Greed Corruption: Dubai landlord agrees to freeze rent for 2 years but hikes it 15%
EGYPT: "Crackdowns against gay Egyptians has increased,
AUSTRALIA asylum seekers stuck in Indonesia limbo
TURKEY sees rise in human trafficking due to migration 
EGYPT 2014, a year in the balance for Egypt’s judiciary
AFGHANISTAN: PAKISTAN: Commit to Combat Terrorism
UK: Conservatives: George Osborne gives his mate 19% pay rise while struggling nurses get measly 1%
RUSSIA: Public awaits Putin’s take on watershed year for Russia
UK: HOUSING CRISIS Planning law fuels "inappropriate and unwanted" housing development in England
UK: Britain must not brand all immigrants criminals, EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker says
CHRYSLER: to recall about 288K Ram pickup trucks
ELITE: 'Elite: Dangerous' depicts a hyper-detailed universe in virtual reality
MICROSOFT: Cheap PCs are here to stay
TWITTER is expanding its anti-trolling tools
SPYING: Amnesty launches tool to combat government suveillance
INDIA: McDONALDS: How McDonald's conquered India
TWITTER expands search function to cover 500 million tweets back to 2006
CHOCOLATE: Beware all chocolate lovers! The world may be facing a shortage of your favourite food.
UK: Church of England's first ever female bishop appointed
EGYPT: Inside Cairo's Hanging Church after 16-year renovation
VATICAN: Pope says it is wrong to equate Islam with violence
ZIAD ABU EIN: PALESTINE: minister died after being "hit by tear gas cannister" at protest
RIP: JEREMY THORPE: Former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe has died after a long battle with Parkinson's disease 
LEBANON: Lebanese singing legend Sabah passes away at the age of 87 
FUNERALS: Monty Python's Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life the most popular song played
JIMMY RUFFIN: Motown singer dies at age 78
VOYAGER: is riding a plasma tsunami in interstellar space 
INDIA: launches its largest rocket and unmanned capsule which could send astronauts into space
OCEANS: 270,000 tons of plastic floating in oceans
SMART SKIN The smart skin that could give prosthetic hands a sense of touch
PLUTO: 3,000,000,000 miles and nearly 9 years later, NASA probe wakes up for encounter
NASA's: Orion spacecraft in the Pacific Ocean after its maiden voyage
ROBOTS: Why Stephen Hawking fears AI "could spell the end of the human race"  
SWIMMING: US Olympic swimming gold medallist Michael Phelps given one-year suspended sentence after admitting drink-driving 
CYCLING Alberto Contador hints at retirement by 2017
CYCLING: DOPING: Mauro Santambrogio tests positive for testosterone
BASKETBALL: PBA: No Ginebra? Problem, at box-office
CYCLING: Vincenzo Nibali will avoid heavy race schedule in 2015
BOXING: Anthony Crolla suffers severe head injuries after disturbing burglars
HOCKEY: Pakistan hockey players banned, another warned for obscene gestures after game against India
UK: WALES: Flooding causes travel disruption
TURKEY unveils new high speed train to Anatolia
SPICEJET:  Airfares skyrocket as SpiceJet hits turbulence
AA: US-bound plane forced to land in Tokyo after severe turbulence injures several people
EGYPT: Saudi airlines cancels flights to Sharm al-Sheikh
UK: Air traffic control says its computer system has been restored and flights are resuming
INDIA: Delhi bans internet-based taxi companies after Uber 'rape'
USA: Thousands March Across U.S. Demanding Police Reforms 
GERMANY: Merkel condemns racism as Dresden anti-Islam marches grow
UK: 76 arrested after Garner protest at London shopping centre
UK: Firefighters across England will stage a 24-hour strike over pensions Tuesday 9th
USA: Protesters, police clash in New York City over Eric Garner decision
HONG KONG police drive out pro-democracy protesters
CLIMATE CHANGE: Earth on track for hottest year