News Headlines:

2014 04 19, Saturday

Back Pain London - Same Day Service

SNAILS: UK: One-fifth of gardeners admit throwing snails over fence into their neighbour's garden
IRAN: Plane registered to US bank mysteriously appears in Iran
CHINA: HOUSING: There are signs that market may be significantly overheated.
UK: TESCO: supermarket announces 6% fall in annual profit to £3.3bn, with like-for-like sales down 1.4%
EUROPE: Record long-term unemployment with nearly half of EU's jobless out of work for more than a year
USA: Ohio investigation connects earthquakes to fracking
PAKISTAN: IMF sees surge in Pak economy
NIGERIA: 88 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Islamic extremists still missing
UK: BRITISH GAS: denies it pays its staff extra for bumping up customers' bills
EGYPT: In Egypt, a corruption watchdog hit by backlash
THAILAND: Three Chinese sought in heist of rare Mont Blanc watch
SYRIA: SNC accuses Assad of genocide in Aleppo
VIRUS: ‘Heartbleed’ hits 1.5 million users of UK parenting website
CHINA: seizes more than 10,000 illegal guns in crackdown
UK: TAX: "No safe haven" for tax evaders says Osborne as government plans tougher penalties
SOUTH KOREA: Divers attempting to recover bodies from sunken ferry
MALAYSIA MH370: Drone diving to record level in missing plane MH370 search
SOUTH KOREA: ferry death toll rises; hopes fade for hundreds missing
COSTA CONCORDIA: to be towed away from Giglio soon
MALAYSIA AIRLINES: MH370: Search for Malaysia Airlines jet refocuses on drone scans of seafloor
SOUTH KOREA: Up to 295 still missing in ferry capsize
SHIPS: Captains who abandon ships: Are they breaking the law?
GULF: What will it take to resolve the crisis in the Gulf?
KENYA: Are vulnerable populations in Kenya at risk of ethnic cleansing?
FRANCE: French call for an end to the work day. Are they onto something?
ASIA: Can we blame pollution from Asia for the freakishly cold winters in the U.S.?
UK: Schools 'using unqualified staff to teach students'
USA: Small private colleges are in deep trouble. The rest of us should celebrate
DIABETES: Mediterranean diet may slow diabetes progression
UK: NHS: Doctors & nurses should do to more to stop hospital patients developing infections
NORTHERN IRELAND: DRUGS: Needle exchange scheme records rise
JAPAN: confirms first bird flu case since 2011
EGYPT: Islamic Egypt's first capital under threat
EGYPT: Egyptian journalists protest being targeted by violence
CANNES: film festival launches race for 2014 Palme d'Or
THAILAND: Journalists face jail in Thailand for people-smuggler report
PAUL TAYLOR: Backstage with the "Naughty Boy" of modern dance
POLAND: Pentagon mulls deployment as Poland asks for 10,000 troops
AL QUAEDA: chief calls for unity as jihadist schism deepens
UKRAINE: Kiev launches military operation in eastern Ukraine
NIGERIA: Deadly bomb attack in Abuja is blamed on Boko Haram
PRINCE: reunites with 'slave' Warner Bros label
AC/DC To Continue Without Ill Malcolm Young
MILEY CYRUS: hospitalized, cancels US concert
SCOTLAND: Boy, 7, badly burned in Aberdeen street
EASTER ISLAND: Trouble in paradise for Chile's Easter Island
EGYPT: 'Preacher of the Egyptian revolution' hits day 7 of hunger strike to protest injustice
TUNISIA: president slashes own salary by two-thirds
INDIA: Indians abroad call for absentee ballot
NORTH KOREA: UN Security Council Meets On Rights In North Korea  
SOLVENIA: Slovenian defense minister makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan
CANADA: Rob Ford launches re-election bid
ALGERIA: Algerians cast votes in presidential poll
UKRAINE: Crisis Crunch Talks In Geneva
ISRAEL: PALESTINE: negotiators meet on Wednesday
UK: Tory councillor who compared housing development to rape forced to stand down
EGYPT: to need more financial support, IMF says
SMARTPHONES: Apple, Samsung, Google, and HTC unite for smartphone anti-theft initiative
SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 four expert assessments
SUE TOWNSHEND: of Adrian Mole fame dies at 68.
JADE RABBIT: Engineers desperately try to revive China's crippled moon rover
PLANETS: NASA discovers a new world beyond Earth that may sustain life
FERTILISATION: Great sperm-egg secret unscrambled
METEORS: Meteor shower to light up the sky on April 21-22
RESEARCH: Parasitic Amoeba Chomps on Human Cells to Kill Them
SQUASH: EGYPT: Ashour wins El-Gouna open after beating compatriot Elshorbagy
F1: Ricciardo fastest in wet practice
CLIMBING: Avalanche sweeps Mount Everest; 4-5 climbers believed buried
FOOTBALL: MOHAMED SALAH: Chelsea's Mourinho praises 'promising' Salah
HILLSBOROUGH: Emotions to run high at Anfield on 25th anniversary
EGYPT: tourism ministry to tighten security measures in Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada during Easter holidays
UKRAINE: Russian FM asks "illegal groups to disarm and withdraw from occupied buildings"
PERU: evacuates Ubinas volcano area