News Headlines:

2014 10 22, Wednesday

Back Pain London - Same Day Service

RHINOS: One of the world's seven remaining northern white rhinos has died in Kenya
RATS: What diseases do New York City's rats carry?
WHALES: The private life of killer whales? Check out these first ever drone photos
DOGS: Channel 4 to screen grim footage of pet dogs stolen and slaughtered for meat in Vietnam
CHINA: RUSSIA: trade hits record $59bn in first half of 2014
UAE: BANKING: customers lash out as Standard Chartered closes small business accounts
SHELL: Niger Delta Groups accuse Shell of unfair practices, threaten action
CORRUPTION: How do massive corporations manage to get away with dodging tax?
DRUGS: America's drug war in Afghanistan is failing badly, a U.S
UK: STAPLES: Office supply superstore Staples is investigating possible payment card data thefts
INDIA: BIHAR: Youth dies after his eyes gouged out
NIGERIA: Deal Agreed To Return Kidnapped Girls
UK: Police "stretched" by "exceptionally high" number of inquiries into Islamist-related extremism
KASHMIR: Infrastructure damage in Kashmir floods could touch Rs 6,000 crore
GERMANY: Injuries after explosion at chemical plant
HONG KONG: Who created Hong Kong's 'Umbrella man'?
AFRICA: Ebola Epidemic: Where are the faith healers in Africa?
UNISLAMIC STATE: A long campaign against ISIS won't weaken them it could make them stronger
DOCTOR WHO: Machine code. Dr Who team's friendly Dalek teaches kids basic computer programming
MOROCCO: Supreme Council for Education Prepares Strategic Roadmap for Reform
EGYPT: Students who protested on Sunday will be expelled
EBOLA: #INDIA: braces for war on Ebola
NHS: UK: Dying patients 'could be treated with untested medicines' under proposed new law
EBOLA: World Health Organization won't discuss Ebola mistakes document
GREECE: Wooden Statue Surfaces During Construction of Athens Metro in Piraeus 
VIKINGS: A hoard of more than 100 Viking treasures has been unearthed on church land in Scotland
INDIA: dying printing tradition
EGYPT: sentences another Al Jazeera journalist
UAE is a nation of television addicts
SPARTAN WARRIORS: Take Over London Underground
ISIS teaches how to avoid NSA snooping in a tweet
NORWAY: passes bill on mandatory military service for women
ISIS: flying fighter jets near Aleppo
SYRIA: At least 24 British jihadists 'have been killed in Syria,
ISIS gets as close as 8 mi. away from Baghdad airport
EGYPT: Renowned Egyptian musician Hani Mehanna sentenced to jail over fraud
GOOGLE: music service adds mood to the mix
VINYL: AUSTRALIA: Getting into the groove with Australia's last record maker
UAE tops world full-time jobs league
SAUDI ARABIA: Blind, visually impaired #Saudis see dismal job opportunities
MARK ZUCKERBEG: Facebook Founder, to donate $25m to combat Ebola
SAN DIEGO: Police officers make 4-year-old with boy with autism's day by letting him play officer
UK: WAGES: Minimum wage earners will have to work for 342 years to match a top boss's annual salary
CANADA: A gunman has been shot dead inside the Canadian Parliament
UK: NHS: Ministers Risk Controversy With NHS Sale Plan
TUNISIA: to raise retirement age two years to ease fiscal plight
PAKISTAN: opposition holds mass rally
UK: CORRUPTION: Senior MP 'astounded' by £40,000 Rotherham pay-off
AUDI: claims speed record with RS7 self-driving car
GMAIL 5.0: One app for all your email accounts
APPLE: Reveals New iPad Air, iPad Mini
FASHION: London's Magnificent 7
SUGAR PUFFS: Changes name after 60 years
SYRIA: Syrian Christians take shelter in Istanbul church
MECCA: Fifteen Egyptian pilgrims die in Mecca
MUSLIMS: in Europe denounce ISIL extremism
MUSLIMS: ‘Not in my name’: French Muslims rally to denounce ISIS beheadings
ISLAM: Is the burqa or hijab a symbol of women's oppression or assertion of religious or cultural identity?
UK: LYNDA BELLINGHAM: TV Actress And Presenter Dies
IAN PAISLEY: Northern Ireland Politician dies at 88
TRACTOR BEAMS: The Star Trek tractor beam is here almost
MARS: All robotic eyes on comet for Mars flyby
DARK MATTER: Finally detected? Elusive dark matter may be streaming from Sun
CLIMATE CHANGE: EU's 2030 climate change plans hit deadlock: negotiators
EXOPLANETS: The first detailed temperature map of an exoplanet:
ATHLETICS: Oscar Pistorius given 5 years for Reeva Steenkamp killing.
SURFING: Winter surfing in Siberia: Daredevils conquer Russia’s Pacific coast
SURFING: Australia teen surfer’s lucky escape after shark bite
FOOTBALL: NIGERIA: "Our football is long dead and gone" - Okocha react to Super Eagles loss in Sudan
USA: New York's JFK to start Ebola screening
UK: London Underground strike: Tube workers set to walk out for 48 hours next week
UK: TUESDAY: Fog Causing Flight Delays At London Airports
JAPAN: Country's first ever roundabouts send baffled drivers round the bend
HONG KONG: HK protests swell; police move in
EGYPT: Bomb blasts injure 11 near key Egyptian mosque
HONG KONG: Fresh scuffles between police and protesters
USA: Dozens arrested in new round of protests in Ferguson, Missouri
JORDAN: 'Heavy rain' expected Sunday; authorities call for taking safety measures
BERMUDA: Power out, trees fall as Hurricane Gonzalo crosses Bermuda
INDIA: Cyclone Hudhud - India intensifies efforts to provide aid to 400,000 people, as death toll rises
Cyclone Hudhud bears down on India, forcing 370,000 to flee