News Headlines:

2014 09 17, Wednesday

Back Pain London - Same Day Service

KESTRELS: numbers in steep decline
ALLIGATORS: A gigantic alligator caught by a family in Alabama earlier this month has set a world record
INDIA: Nostalgia sets in as time runs out for India’s beloved watch
UK: Phones4u goes into administration placing more than 5,500 jobs at risk
UK: An economic upturn ‘won’t help low paid’
SCOTLAND: Business row marks weekend campaign
UK: FRAUD: Insurance fraud 'adds £50 to the average household bill'
ITALY: admits paying ransom for some hostages
UK: COUNCILS: English councils "rationing care for elderly" because of cuts - charities say many suffering
GMAIL: hack: 5 million passwords leaked
UK: Rotherham police chief Shaun Wright to face new grilling
KASHMIR: Infrastructure damage in Kashmir floods could touch Rs 6,000 crore
GERMANY: Injuries after explosion at chemical plant
Why is the Media giving Apple so much free advertising on their iPhone and Smartwatches? This is overkill.  
IRAN: covert military buildup and operations
ISLAMIC STATE: Where does the Islamic State jihadist group get its support?
PAKISTAN election crisis - is history repeating itself?
UK: Top GCSE grades to be given to just 3%
USA: The new ranking of the 10 best universities by U.S. News
AFGHANISTAN: Jalalabad: 10 Teachers and students were wounded when a rocket landed in a school  
JORDAN: Teachers’ strike over; students to resume school Sunday
JORDAN: Tawjihi students anxious as teachers strike continues
EBOLA: US Sending 3,000 Troops To West Africa
CZECH: Ashya King starts proton beam therapy to help him beat brain cancer
EBOLA: death toll at more than 1,900
UK: SKIN CANCER: Hospitals see large rise in admissions
UK Remains of King Richard III suggest he died under a hail of blows
WWI: Hundreds of WWI photos shot with pioneering colour technology
CHINA: Film Festival launches with screening of quake film
FRANCE: hosting international summit on Islamic State
UK: IS Threat To Cameron Likely To Stiffen Resolve
ISLAMIC STATE: ISIS eyeing up Egypt as its next target
YEMEN tensions run high as army clashes with Huthi rebels
EGYPT: Egyptian army to launch major offensive on Sinai 'terrorist' hideouts
JOSE ANDRE MONTANHO: 9 year old is Jazz prodigy
LADY GAGA: says she'll adhere to the more conservative dress code on her Middle East tour
SOUL: Gamble and Huff. The soulful sounds of Philadelphia
BOB DYLAN: Restored basement tapes to be released
UK NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL: Rhythm, rum and rain at Notting Hill
UAE tops world full-time jobs league
SYRIA: Forced to work long hours to support their families in Turkey, young Syrian refugees feel robbed of their childhood
INDIA: The man who helped chart the Delhi Metro route
HOMES: Like to live life on the edge? Then this home might just be for you
ART: Artist Michael Heizer's 340-tonne Levitated Mass travels to Los Angeles
UK: One in three Britons "think @David_Cameron should resign if Scotland becomes independent"
TURKEY: would welcome Muslim Brotherhood figures who leave Qatar: Erdogan
EGYPT: Kerry to visit for talks on IS
SCOTLAND: PM to travel to Scotland for 'crisis talks' after poll reveals Scots in favour of independence
PHILIPPINES: Android One coming to the Philippines
TWITCH Malware spends users money
APPLE silently kills off the iPod Classic
INTERNET: Slowdown Day: Leading web companies fight for ‘net neutrality’
APPLE: to tighten iCloud security following celebrity leaks
ISLAM: Is the burqa or hijab a symbol of women's oppression or assertion of religious or cultural identity?
UK: Archbishop of Canterbury calls for prayers after 'evil killing'
VATICAN: World's many conflicts amount to piecemeal Third World War
IAN PAISLEY: Northern Ireland Politician dies at 88
DONALD SINDEN: Actor dies at 90  
CYCLING: Giovanni Pinarello dies aged 92
JOAN RIVERS pioneering entertainer and comedian, dies aged 81
LASERS: Giant laser observatory makes progress
SCIENCE: Rather than study the sun by looking NASA scientists are listening to it
ASTEROIDS: Newly discovered asteroid to zoom by Earth on Sunday:
THE SUN: ‘Soul of the sun’ detected for the first time by scientists
SPACE: Nasa spots a huge asteroid collision that could result in new Earth-like body
ORGANS: Whole working organ grown in lab.
FOOTBALL: PALESTINE: soccer player charged with sexual harassment
UK: The Invictus Games - PHOTOS
AMERICAN FOOTBALL: NFL: Adrian Peterson on child abuse indictment
VOLLEYBALL: IRAN: British woman jailed in Iran trying to watch men's volleyball
WRESTLING: IRAN seeking title at World Wrestling Championships
UK: TUESDAY: Fog Causing Flight Delays At London Airports
JAPAN: Country's first ever roundabouts send baffled drivers round the bend
ICELAND: Bardarbunga! Volcanic eruption is no party in Iceland, prompts Code Red aviation alert
INDIA: Manipuri youths attacked in Munirka
PALESTINE: After Gaza war, Palestinian in-fighting flares
HONG KONG: Thousands protest in Hong Kong
PAKISTAN: police fired teargas after thousands of protesters threatened to march on PM's house to force him to resign  
KASHMIR: Incredible pics of rain-hit Kashmir where 'worst flooding in 50 years' 120 dead