News Headlines:

2014 09 01, Monday

Back Pain London - Same Day Service

ALLIGATORS: A gigantic alligator caught by a family in Alabama earlier this month has set a world record
EGYPT: Mass poisoning of cats at Egypt's Gezira club sparks anger
CROCODILES: Trio of lions take on crocodile in clash of the titans
MALAYSIA AIRLINES: to cut 6,000 staff after disasters
TWITTER: boosts presence in Indonesian market
INDIA Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to launch bank accounts for all
EGYPT: Security campaign to evacuate Cairo street vendors faces complications
STANDARD CHARTERED to axe most SME services in the UAE after $300m fine by New York regulator
UK: ENERGY: Labour pledges to remove "bad" energy firms' licences
SCOTLAND DRUGS: This shocking scene greeted a mum and her son when they opened their front door
UK: ROTHERHAM Police/Crime commissioner quits Labour but retains
UK: Around 30 UK citizens every month travel to Syria, Iraq, in a journey dubbed the 'Jihad Express
UK: Government launches new police code of conduct for stop and search
BRAZIL:  Deadly riot in Cascavel jail.
UK Law Firms: Beware bogus law firms and fake solicitor scams
NICARAGUA: Most of trapped gold miners have been freed
ISLAMIC STATE: Where does the Islamic State jihadist group get its support?
PAKISTAN election crisis - is history repeating itself?
NSA: The greatest enemy of American communications and computing security’
AFGHANISTAN: Jalalabad: 10 Teachers and students were wounded when a rocket landed in a school  
JORDAN: Teachers’ strike over; students to resume school Sunday
JORDAN: Tawjihi students anxious as teachers strike continues
UK: "Volatile" GCSE results expected after exam changes
GEORGE GALLOWAY: Politician taken to hospital after he was attacked on a London street
UK: NHS : Unappetising hospital food is off the menu to raise standards
JOAN RIVERS: Comedian 'in critical condition' after she stops breathing during surgery
UK: NHS: Doctors could be forced to apologise to patients if they have made a mistake
UK: Health experts' food poverty warning
WWI: Hundreds of WWI photos shot with pioneering colour technology
EMMYS: Breaking Bad wins big at Emmy Awards 
USA: Pentagon: US launches new air strikes on IS
IRAQ: army breaks ISIS siege of Shiite Turkmen town of Amirli
LESOTHO: Military coup has taken place country's PM Thomas Thabane says
UKRAINE: Nearly 2,600 killed in Ukraine conflict this year
GAZA: Israeli strikes push Gaza death toll above 2,100
LIBYA: capital under Islamist control after Tripoli airport seized
SOUL: Gamble and Huff. The soulful sounds of Philadelphia
BOB DYLAN: Restored basement tapes to be released
UK NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL: Rhythm, rum and rain at Notting Hill
LED ZEPPELIN wins 'best guitar riff'
MILEY CYRUS wins top prize at MTV Video Music Awards
UK: James Foley: British rapper ‘L Jinny’ suspect in Foley killing
UAE tops world full-time jobs league
SYRIA UN: Number of Syrian refugees tops three million
CONservative Britain: One in five UK families can't afford seaside day out
LIFESTYLE: Which countries have the best paid holiday time?
EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohammad Badie gets death penalty reduced to life sentence  
UK: David Cameron and Nick Clegg to discuss threat posed by Islamic State militants
RUSSIA: 'Directing Offensive In Ukraine's East'
UKRAINE: Poroshenko to seek ceasefire after tough talks with Putin
EGYPT: calls for open-ended Gaza cease-fire
UK: Theresa May to introduce new laws to tackle extremism after James Foley's murder
UK considers ban on British-born jihadists in Iraq and Syria returning home
GOOGLE: reveals secret drone delivery tests
SEAGATE: Starts Shipping Industry's First 8TB Hard Disk Drive
CYCLING: Man who designed bmw X7 to create Hero Moto Corp bikes
NIGERIA: Religious crisis in Anambra as Anglicans accuse Catholics of demolition
IGOR DECRAENE: Junior world ITT cycling champ Igor Decraene dies at 18
RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH: actor dies at 90.
DON PARDO, 'Saturday Night Live' announcer whose voice was part of cultural fabric, dies at 96  
THE SUN: ‘Soul of the sun’ detected for the first time by scientists
SPACE: Nasa spots a huge asteroid collision that could result in new Earth-like body
ORGANS: Whole working organ grown in lab.
BRAINS Warning over electrical brain stimulation
SPACE X: rocket terminated in Texas test flight
FOOTBALL: ALGERIA: soccer death seen part of a wider ills
KABADDI: In riot-hit Muzaffarnagar, kabaddi heals wounds, unites
FOOTBALL: NIGERIA: championship has been suspended indefinitely because of a referees' strike in protest at a leadership crisis in the game  
FOOTBALL: How did notorious match fixer Wilson Raj Perumal get away with it for so long?
BADMINTON: world championships: Sindhu in pre-quarters, Jwala- Ashwini ousted
FOOTBALL: FRANK LAMPARD: Retires From International Football
CYCLING UAE: Pedals to the mettle, as cycling track makes debut with Emirati challenge
ICELAND: Bardarbunga! Volcanic eruption is no party in Iceland, prompts Code Red aviation alert
ICELAND: Tourists evacuated from around Iceland Bardarbunga volcano, as seismic activity has increased
HONG KONG: Thousands protest in Hong Kong
PAKISTAN: police fired teargas after thousands of protesters threatened to march on PM's house to force him to resign  
USA: Largest earthquake in 25 years rocks San Francisco