News Headlines:

2014 11 28, Friday

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KRTpro MUSIC: BLACK FRIDAY rare vinyl sale now on!
CATS: More than 800 moggies compete for a top feline prize at the Supreme Cat Show 
CRANES: Iran's Last Siberian Crane Flies Alone
RHINOS: One of the world's seven remaining northern white rhinos has died in Kenya
AMAZON UK: Signs Post Office Delivery Deal
INDIA to announce new emission standards for power plants
RUSSIA Takes $140bn Oil And Sanctions Hit
UK: Royal Mail halves expected growth rate as profits fall 21%
JAPAN economy unexpectedly slips into recession
UK BANKING: Banks Face £1.1bn Fines Over Currency Fixing
USA: US Postal Service Victim Of Cyberattack
PAEDOPHILES: Vulnerable girls as young as 13 'passed around' sex ring orchestrated by 14 Somali men in Bristol
ISIS executes female parliamentary candidates in Mosul
UK: Government to make emotional abuse a crime
KENYA: Shebab Islamists claim responsibility for Kenya's deadly bus
PAEDOPHILES: United Nations members resolve to end child marriage
UK: CORRUPTION: Tories' and Liberal Democrats' links with private healthcare firms revealed
EGYPT: 11 dead in Cairo building collapse
NEPAL: bus crash search finds 47 dead
NIGERIA: Death toll in NE Nigeria school bombing rises to 58
PAKISTAN: Dozens die in Pakistan bus crash
NORWAY: What can Norway teach other oil-rich countries?
USA: America’s hypocrisy at not selling Nigeria arms
CLIMATE CHANGE: Fossil fuel promises 'being broken'
SCOTLAND: Banned canister of expanding foam used in a student project blamed for Glasgow Art School fire
DEPRESSION: Pioneering tool released for college student suicides
UK: BULLYING: Teacher bans the word 'banter' from classroom to tackle bullying
UK CORRUPTION: Pay for academy heads is due to be reviewed, after it emerged one was given more than £200k.
AUSTRALIA: Studying in Australia? It's time to draw up your budget
UK: NHS: Patients waiting hours in under-fire A&E due to major failings
STROKES: Scientists identify gene that protects people under 50 from suffering a stroke
CANCER: New biomarker detects & treats cancer tumors at the same time
HEARTS: 3D-Printed Hearts Help Surgeons Save Babies' Lives
FRANCE: surgeons successfully operate on 20-week fetus to correct spina bifida
CALORIES What 200 calories really look like
ARABIA: Pearls of Arabia before the oil, wealth came from the seabed
WW1: 888,246 poppies fill the Tower of London moat today
WW1: Tower of London poppies to go on tour of UK
WW1: UK: An installation of poppies in London to mark the WW1 centenary draws huge crowds
BERLIN WALL: 25 yrs since fall of Berlin Wall: 25 facts you probably didn’t know about it
INDEPENDENCE DAY: The Independence Day sequel will begin filming next year
CANADA: Jian Ghomeshi dropped his $55 million lawsuit against the CBC
EGYPT: ABOL NAGA: Actor hires lawyer to fight treason charges
STAR TREK TNG actors boldly goof where no one has goofed before
CHILDREN IN NEED: BBC's appeal raises more than £32.6m on the night
USA: U.S. Navy introduces drone-killing laser.
ETHIOPIA: East African Force reaches full military deployment capability  
ISLAMIC STATE attacks Iraq provincial capital
THAILAND: Nine dead after Thailand military helicopter crash
ISIS claims beheading of U.S. aid worker Kassig
UK: Army Reserve's Upper Age Limit Raised To 52
KRTpro MUSIC: BLACK FRIDAY rare vinyl sale now on!
ACDC may dump drummer Rudd
JIMMY RUFFIN: Motown singer dies at age 78
EGYPT: Hamza Namiraa: state radio bans singer over anti-gov stance
MORTEZA PASHAEI: Iran mourns death of pop star with outpouring of grief.
AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd charged with attempting to have two men killed
SUGE KNIGHT: Rapper pleads not guilty to robbery charge, faces 30 years to life in prison
ROLLING STONES deliver electrifying farewell to WA with second and final concert at Perth Arena
UAE: ‘Taxi drought’ hits Abu Dhabi
USA: Michael Brown: Some witnesses to shooting in Ferguson changed their stories in testimony
HILLARY CLINTON: A List of Demands to Accept $300,000 for a University Speech
UKRAINE: Displaced Ukrainians seek safety on both sides of the Russian border
SYRIA: UN wants more aid to Syria as violence rages
SUPER RICH control $30tn of global wealth, or 40 percent of world GDP
ANGELINA JOLIE says she plans to give up acting
JULIEN BLANC: Pick-up artist 'banned from entering UK by Home Office'
UK: Cameron Sets Out EU Migrant Crackdown Plans
USA: Obama to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions
UKIP: The moment UKIP won their second Westminster seat
NIGERIA: security forces fire tear gas inside parliament
INTERNET: World Internet Conference held in China draws criticism
ROMANIA new president is promising to fight corruption
SPYING: Amnesty launches tool to combat government suveillance
INDIA: McDONALDS: How McDonald's conquered India
TWITTER expands search function to cover 500 million tweets back to 2006
CHOCOLATE: Beware all chocolate lovers! The world may be facing a shortage of your favourite food.
UAE: SMOKING: UAE-wide smoking ban in enclosed public spaces next year
APPLE: CHINA: New Apple malware affecting users
INDIA: Two Indians from Kerala to be declared saints by the Vatican today
BOKO HARAM: Christians and Muslims are both responsible for Boko Haram
ASHURA: Millions of Shias worldwide celebrate Ashura, events marred by violence
LEBANON: Lebanese singing legend Sabah passes away at the age of 87 
FUNERALS: Monty Python's Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life the most popular song played
JIMMY RUFFIN: Motown singer dies at age 78
MA'ALY ZAYED: Egyptian actress dies at 63
MARS: Nasa sends Curiosity to investigate Mars' strange 'pink cliffs'
ROBOTS will replace 50 percent of today's occupations by 2025
MOON: Find out more about the mission to bury 'memory boxes' on the moon
MOON: How you can participate in a new mission to the moon
BATTERIES: Tiny Batteries Could Revolutionize Green Energy
CRICKET: AUSTRALIA Phillip Hughes dies from injuries
SWIMMING: Michael Phelps crowned Male Athlete of the Year for a fifth time at the 2014 USA Swimming Awards
CRICKET: Australian cricketer Phil Hughes in critical condition after being hit by ball
SWIMMING CHINA DOPING: Olympics swimmer Sun Yang banned for doping
F1: Lewis Hamilton says his second world title feels more important than the first.
BOXING: Pacquiao Retains WBO welterweight title
AUTO: UAE: Action-packed Dubai Motor Festival begins
AFRICA: Sub-Saharan Africa is the world's fastest growing region for wellness tourism
INDIA: Bus service between Kathmandu and Delhi to begin this month
EGYPT: Two demonstrators killed in Cairo in clashes between Islamist protesters & Egyptian police
BRAZIL: heavy rain storm drenches Sao Paulo
USA FERGUSON: Protests erupt across US following grand jury decision
MEXICO days of rage: gripping photos of the protests that have swept Mexico
EGYPT: iron workers suspend all production
EGYPT: Bomb blast near Egypt train station
CANADA: Another deep freeze ahead for most of Canada
USA: NEW YORK: At least five dead in New York state after strong storm dumped large amounts of snow